Excel Optical Illusions #15

This week I’m happy to showcase another fine Excel Optical Illusion put together by Hui. It’s called Counter-Intuitive Illusory Contours.

There are no lines connecting the smaller dots, but there sure seems to be, like a wave, or a mirage. I love it.
The animation is straight forward and the chart is just an XY (Scatter) type.
Great job again, Hui, and thanks for contributing to the community.
Here’s the chart.
Here’s a list of other animated charts on Excel Hero:
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6 thoughts on “Excel Optical Illusions #15”

  1. Awesome work. There’s been some really good animated optical illusions on this site. I was wondering how you would go about changing the speed of the movement of the animations?

  2. @Brook –
    Well, there is no single best way to do so. But I can tell you that going slower is easier than going faster. Unfortunately, Excel was never designed for animation and frame speed is not available.
    But to change the speed of an animation, what I do is either increase or decrease the amount of movement between each “frame.” More steps equal slower motion, while less steps equal faster motion, but with choppiness introduced.
    If timing is important, like it is in my celtic muse, then the animation needs to be coordinated from a timing source.
    Daniel Ferry

  3. Thanx for the comments.
    This is one of my favorites.
    I like this as it appears that the imaginary line is like a Bow Wave for a boat in that it precedes the small dots when they move outwards.

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