Excel School – Last Day to Sign-Up!

This weekend I had the honor of reviewing Chandoo’s Excel School.

I can tell you categorically that he has done a fine job. The online school is first rate, as are the downloadable workbooks and videos. It is obvious from the moment you first log on that Chandoo has put a lot of effort into designing the curriculum and developing the lessons, with the business user in mind.
The motto of Chandoo’s blog is Become Awesome in Excel. Excel School will definitely help get you there. In fact, if you are interested in being an Excel Hero, I would go so far as to say that the information in Chandoo’s Excel School is a prerequisite.
Every lesson can be viewed online or downloaded, and the class includes over 1,200 minutes of video instruction hosted by Chandoo himself who not only is the creative force behind the famous Chandoo.org Excel blog, but he is also a Microsoft Excel MVP.
Working your way through this pertinent material will leave you with a solid, well-rounded Excel foundation. Just look at the lesson plan:
And in addition, Chandoo is adding three more lessons to the school:
  1. Using Excel’s Text formulas
  2. Introduction to Excel 2010’s new features
  3. Integration of Excel & Access – a lesson by Mike Alexander from Data Pig Technologies
Chandoo’s Excel School comes with over 40 crystal clear example workbooks and access to the Online Classroom which is an extremely valuable resource where class-members share ideas, ask questions, and discuss lessons.
There are already over 100 students enrolled, so the debate will be stimulating.
Classes begin as soon as you sign-up. Classes will end on July 28, 2010 and the school closes on August 20, 2010. However, all of the downloadable content will continue to work for you forever.
I receive inquiries all the time regarding where someone should go to gain a solid foundation in Excel. Obviously my blog and others are good resources, John Walkenbach’s books are first rate. But for a hands-on, immersive experience, Chandoo’s Excel School is unparalleled.
The only catch is that today is the last day to enroll. Chandoo has graciously extended the registration deadline until 12 Noon tomorrow (June 22, 2010) Pacific Standard Time (GMT-08:00). I wish that I had had the time to review the course before today. The Excel School is a tremendous value and an outstanding opportunity that will pay you productivity dividends for the rest of your life!
If you are serious about expanding your Excel knowledge, here is the link.

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